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Every hairstyle makes a statement. What do you want to say?


Laura began her hairdressing career in 1999 at Utopia Academy. Her keen eye for fashion and attention to detail has made her a stand out from the beginning. Continuously educating herself keeps her creatively motivated and gives her the skills to make you look your best.

Funny thing is my career was rather accidental. I was this wild teen and by the time I was ready to graduate there was serious cause for concern. My father was having his hair done one afternoon when he asked his stylist for advice. His stylist was Awni Abu-Ulba, who at that time was just getting ready to launch Utopia Academy. “Send her to me,” he had said, “Perhaps I can make a stylist of her.” It was clear from the beginning I had found my niche. I loved it. The chemistry of colour, the geometry of technical cutting, the freedom of creative design. So many years later, and these things still intrigue me.

My favourite part is the transformations. That doesn’t always mean a radical new look. Sometimes it means that you arrived in a funk with something in your world causing you stress or unhappiness. At times we’ll talk about it, other times we won’t, but that time I spend caring for you and tending to your appearance almost always lifts you up. Maybe it’s the scalp massage or the way we’ve reshaped your cut. Perhaps it’s the way I make those grey roots disappear giving you back 10 years. But my favourite part is making you feel your very own version of beautiful, or funky, or fun.

Personalizing a cut is so absolutely essential. We start with a precision cut, but it’s the details that make it your own. It’s the cut out in the fringe over your left eye, the undercut over the ear where you always tuck your hair, or even the shattered edge that lends a little softness to your hairstyle.

I find inspiration everywhere. Its my clients. (“make it look kinda like a waterfall” he says.) It’s the craziness on Gaulthier’s runway. Or the fundamental brilliance of Sassoon.

This part of my journey is just beginning. I am excited to create in new ways, take new risks, and make it perfect for you!

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