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Wedding Hair

Today is your big day! Everything is ready. The flowers have been chosen and arranged, the caterer is working her magic in the kitchen, your gown is stunning and you are stunning in it. Somehow you have done the seemingly impossible and found the person that you wish to spend the rest of your life with. You must be exhausted!

Now is your time to relax and leave your lovely locks in my capable hands. You’ve emailed me images and ideas. We’ve shared a few texts about the flowers you do, or absolutely do not want in your hair (it’s OK, baby’s breath isn’t everyone’s thing!) We’ve discussed make-up (Yes, I can bring someone in to help you with that too), I know what you want and I want you to be happy and feel beautiful on your special day. Take a breath, maybe a sip of your creamy Chai tea- maybe something a little stronger… Champagne is OK before noon if it’s mixed with orange juice, right? The ratio is up to you. Besides, this is your day- do what you like!

Chat with your wedding party while your hair sets into curls that I can mould and sculpt into the up-do of our design. When we begin this collaboration, I will consider everything- the line of your dress, it’s neckline and back-line, the “feel” of the whole look, the height of your cheekbones, those glasses that you just have to wear (after all, that is you), and even the way that your neck curves into your collarbone when your hair is pulled up. That is why you have me to help you with this, and I’m so glad that you do. This is where I get to showcase my talent. This is where all the planning comes together.

With a box of bobby pins and a few puffs of hairspray, your hair will be a masterpiece that will maintain a vision of softness, or stay perfectly in place until you take it down pin by pin.

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The best way to make arrangements for your wedding is by phone/text 250-898-7847 or email hello@lauralu.ca. Let me know your dates and the best way to connect!